Manjeet Daya discovered her artistic style during her first travel to the Amazonian Jungle in 2008, where she spent one year exploring the reality of Central and South America’s native tribes, living and working within the indigenous community that initiated her to the mysteries of their mystical traditions through the sacramental work with Ayahuasca. This had a great impact on her life and signified a major inspiration for her art. 


Leaving her native Milan to Mexico, she worked as a muralist in San Cristobal while travelling throughout South America studying the traditional shamanistic approach to painting. 

She then moved to New York in 2010 where she produced and exhibited some of her most notorious pieces, as a depiction of her spiritual research experienced in the Amazon Forest.


Since 2014 she integrates art and yoga in her life for therapeutic purposes, continuing the exploration of the spiritual dimension of human existence, painting to depict the healing potential of art.


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