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kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of awareness, a practice that aims to awaken the primal creative energy, or kundalini energy, which rests dormant at the base of our spine and which if stimulated through yoga practice and made rise through the spine and to the top of the head, will result in a profound experience of consciousness expansion.


To achieve this blissful state, kundalini yoga combines breath work, asana (specific poses), mudras (positions of the hands and fingers), eye-focus, body locks (points of pressure in the body)  and the vibration of mantras (repeated chanting that uses sound to affect consciousness).


From a physical perspective the benefits of Kundalini Yoga are truly countless and they range from supporting the health of our glandular and digestive system, strengthening the nervous and muscular system, purifying the blood and expanding lung capacity, as well as improving our posture, respiration and flexibility, lowering stress levels and supporting our immune system, just to name a few.


 As well as these physical benefits, kundalini yoga gifts us with emotional wellbeing through a special kind of objectivity, showing us how to overcome addictions, self-destructive patterns, anxiety and depression. 


This sense of well-being is called awareness, something that Eckhart Tolle beautifully describes as “the space in which thought exists when that space has become conscious of itself". 

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