• Manjeet Daya


I am so happy to share this beautiful news in the midst of so many upsetting ones:

with the precious contributions of the artists studio Based Upon and the many friends in London who support us, we have been able to drive a van packed with donations to the refugees of Calais and help them through one of the hardest winter they may ever face.

The refugees of Calais are now in worse conditions then ever, sleeping in the streets, sometimes with -20 degrees, because of their tents and sleeping bags regularly being taken away by the local police who believe this to be the right way to show the world that refugees are not welcome there.

It’s heartbreaking and the greatest challenge for us is to not give up the determination to help, even when it feels hopeless. While we are but cleansing the wounds of this international tragedy at some point we will receive the help we need to close this wound for good.

If you have warm cloths, tents, sleeping bags you can donate please contact Help Refugees to give a hand here

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