• Manjeet Daya

Ego Eradicator

Happy Monday! Don’t you just love a bit of good old Ego Eradicator? This post it’s all about this wonderful asana, which in its simplicity never ceases to amaze me for its powerful effects. From the Sanskrit ‘ergobind’, Ego Eradicator uses a specific mudra where the thumbs (areas of the hands that in eastern anatomy are associated with our psychic identity) stretch out and get truly ‘plugged’ into our higher self.

This posture makes a wonderful morning meditation and will help your heart to be uplifted, strengthened and freed from dense emotions.

In combination with breath of fire (pumping the navel point while expelling the air powerfully through the nose - not to be done if menstruating or pregnant) it will open your lungs, bring your brain hemispheres to a state of alertness and consolidate your magnetic field. Enjoy!

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