• Manjeet Daya

Ghana Fundrasing Yoga Day

Such a blessed magical day teaching at the Fundraising Yoga day for the wonderful Sheila Wisdom, who is now off to Ghana to spread her love and wisdom. What a wonderful day it has been, the light shining bright on our open hearts.

Why is such a joy to help others? It connects us to the part of us who is fearless, yet humbled by knowing fear. The part of us whose love is limitless, yet able to understand the pain of the unloved. And stretching our hand to our brothers and sisters we meet ourself in their light. In this union, they gift us with the privilege of serving them, with recognising them in our light. So, to all my Friends who bless me every day with their are safe, you are protected.. and if you ever feel the struggle, just remember :

“ Light be with me, Light within me, Light behind me, Light before me, Light beside me, Light to win me, Light to comfort and restore me. Light beneath me, Light above me, Light in quiet, Light in danger, Light in hearts of all that love me, Light in mouth of friend and stranger.”✨ .

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