• Manjeet Daya

🐍The wonders of Cobra wisdom

Kundalini (कुण्डलिनी) means coiled, and more literally : the curl of the hair of the beloved. The primeval, creative energy that rests dormant, curled at the base of our spine and which if stimulated and pushed upwards to the top of the head will result in the expansion of one’s consciousness, the realisation of our true nature - the union with the infinite self.

Cobra is a powerful pose that stimulates the kundalini by transmuting the sexual energy below the navel and elevating it to the higher centres. This asana increases flexibility, rejuvenates the spinal nerves and circulates blood through spine and organs. It stimulates the pranic flow to the lungs, digestive and reproductive organs. It relaxes the spine and directly stimulates the kundalini energy.

Directions: Lie on the stomach, palms flat under the shoulders, heals together and tops of the feet touch the ground.  Inhale and slowly straighten the arms, lifting the heart, stretching backward vertebrae by vertebrae and letting the head follow, keeping the pelvis on the ground. Curve upwards and backwards, as pelvis and legs remain relaxed. Shoulders are relaxed and away from the ears.  Exhale and continue stretching backwards breathing deeply.

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